The Leader in Me

Leader in Me School Seal Click here for a brochure describing The Leader in Me philosophy.

The Leader in Me is a school-wide philosophy that encourages individual leadership and positive character at school, home, and the community through the 7 Habits principles. It is not a curriculum or an instructional method, but is rather a mindset that encourages students and staff to see themselves as leaders. The Leader in Me encourages personal goal setting and achieving for students and adults. It is a child-friendly extension of the book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by Franklin Covey.

What Are the 7 Habits?
Habit #1 We can be proactive
Habit #2 We can begin with the end in mind
Habit #3 We can put first things first
Habit #4 We can think win-win
Habit #5 We can seek first to understand
Habit #6 We can synergize
Habit #7 We can sharpen the saw

What to Expect

  • Increased 7 Habits language in the school building and at school events
  • Consistent communication about Leader in Me
  • School wide events that incorporate The Leader in Me
  • Leadership opportunities for students and their families at building events

Student Opportunities

  • Lead school assemblies and morning announcements
  • Take on leadership roles in the classroom
  • Give building tours
  • Mentor other students
  • Build positive and meaningful adult and peer relationships

How You Can Help at Home and School

  • Support the principles and mindset of the 7 Habits at school and at home
  • Begin to set goals with your family at home
  • Ask your child how he/she incorporated the 7 Habits at school each day
  • Find ways to use the 7 Habits in your own personal and family life